The Easiest, No Mess Way to Make Corn on the Cob

easy corn on the cob

Here where I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, corn is EVERYWHERE this time of year. You can’t drive down the road without coming across a little farm stand that is selling sweet corn for really cheap (like 5 for $1). So, as a blog about seasonal eating, it was only inevitable that I would be posting

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Five Ingredient Cream of Red Pepper Soup

Red Pepper Soup

The red peppers I received in my CSA share this week inspired me to make something special to highlight their beautiful red color and sweet pepper flavor. This easy Five Ingredient Cream of Red Pepper Soup recipe has rich flavor without a bunch of fancy ingredients or extra calories. I’ve replaced the heavy cream you

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5 Essential Food Preparation Tools Every Cook Needs

5 Essential Food Preparation Tools Every Cook Needs

You really don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to prepare delicious food at home. There are a ridiculous number of kitchen gadgets on the market, most of them unnecessary! Personally, I try to avoid MOST tools that only do one job in the kitchen (think of the As Seen on TV type of stuff), since they take

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Five Ingredient Restaurant-Style Salsa

restaurant salsa

Tomatoes abound this time of year and salsa is a great way to use delicious ripe tomatoes of any color (red, orange, yellow), especially since this restaurant-style salsa recipe is super easy to make! We are going to barely chop the five ingredients, toss them into a blender and then simmer them for a few

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8 Types of Vinegar to Use in Cooking

Types of Vinegar to Use In Cooking

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I LOVE vinegar! This isn’t surprising since using different types of vinegar in cooking саn bе an easy way tо add depth of flavor to your dіѕhеѕ without adding unwanted calories (which is often hard to do). In fact, not only is vinegar low in calories, consuming it may have a number of possible

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Five Ingredient Spicy Marinara Sauce

Spicy Marinara Sauce

 Jarred marinara sauce is packed full of unnecessary sodium, preservatives, and sometimes as much sugar as a can of soda. Making your own spicy marinara sauce at home is easy, delicious, and can be accomplished with just five ingredients. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Spicy Marinara Sauce Ingredients:  1. 4 large red tomatoes

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My First Attempt at Canning: Sweet & Spicy Tomato Jam


I made and canned jam for the first time! Food for thought… why is it called canning and not jarring? Anyway… I LOVE tomatoes and this time of year we are up to our ears in beautiful local ones. So, yesterday I decided to jump right into this canning stuff. I had about a quart

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“Food in Jars” – Learning about Canning

Food in Jars

While I’ve been cooking for most of my life, canning and preserving is not a skill that I’ve spent much time on in the past. But this summer I am starting to dabble in it a bit. So far I’ve made strawberry rhubarb jam, spicy dill pickles, and quick kimchi (all of which I kept

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Put the frying pan away! Fry bacon in the OVEN.

Why you should fry bacon in the oven

While I generally try to eat healthy, bacon is one of life’s little luxuries that I still like to enjoy in moderation. However, if you fry bacon in the oven it is a huge improvement over frying it in a pan. Ever since I discovered this method, I’ve been eating a lot more bacon (which

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Five Ingredient Bacon, Cucumber, & Tomato on Flatbread

Bacon, Cucumber, Tomato Flatbread

OK. Here we go! As promised… here is my first ever Five Ingredient Foodie recipe! This recipe is so easy that almost all of the ingredients are in the name of the dish, including the bacon! Below the recipe you will find an explanation of why I picked this dish to share with you. Bacon,

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