The Five Ingredient Objective

The Five Ingredient Objective

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the processed food industry lately and about how the creative marketing of processed foods has brought about an alarmingly unhealthy American society in which cooking for ourselves and our families is considered a chore. I think I have a solution – five ingredient recipes that everyone can make!

Who can blame us???

We all lead such hurried, busy lives that it seems a heck of a lot easier to press a button on the microwave for dinner than it does to plan ahead, shop for, and cook a meal for our families. The tragedy, however, is that we are truly doing ourselves a major disservice! The processed food industry does not care about our health and whether or not their food-like products provide us the nutrition we need! Nor do they care if their cheap food additives are poisoning us. Their top priority is profit and keeping food manufacturing costs down (more about this in a future post).

Cooking is an act of love. 

It’s an act of love for ourselves and for our families. It doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming. It certainly shouldn’t be intimidating. I feel compelled to do something about this anti-cooking societal phenomenon. I’m passionate about food and I want to share that passion with you! I don’t expect to change the world… but if even one person cooks just one meal as a result of this blog, then it will have been worth it. My plan is to show you how easy it can be to cook simple, delicious food at home. I’m going to share motivation, tips, anecdotes, and recipes. We are going to keep it simple!

All recipes will have just 5 ingredients per dish! 

To clarify, the ingredient count will not include W/O/S/P (water, oil, salt, & pepper – necessities in almost every savory dish).

I’m not sure exactly where this will go… but I’m excited! Tomorrow I will share my first five ingredient recipe. It’s delicious, yet simple! And it is sure to catch the eye (and the stomach) of both the microwave reliant and the cooking veterans alike!

Until tomorrow….


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