Put the frying pan away! Fry bacon in the OVEN.

Why you should fry bacon in the oven

While I generally try to eat healthy, bacon is one of life’s little luxuries that I still like to enjoy in moderation. However, if you fry bacon in the oven it is a huge improvement over frying it in a pan. Ever since I discovered this method, I’ve been eating a lot more bacon (which

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Five Ingredient Bacon, Cucumber, & Tomato on Flatbread

Bacon, Cucumber, Tomato Flatbread

OK. Here we go! As promised… here is my first ever Five Ingredient Foodie recipe! This recipe is so easy that almost all of the ingredients are in the name of the dish, including the bacon! Below the recipe you will find an explanation of why I picked this dish to share with you. Bacon,

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